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Tapping your Way to Freedom

Create abundance, remove fear, release trapped emotions from traumatic events in this and past lives… the sky’s the limit!

A basic guide to EFT/tapping, is designed to give you an insight into releasing emotional and negative blocks from your body. Here you will learn some of the history of how it began, techniques and wording used, what it can do for you, and how you can apply it to your every day life.

Remove energy blocks, trapped emotions from trauma or fear, and learn how to control your future. If your life is out of control, if you have fears, lack of confidence or are lost and need clarity, or perhaps you want to create abundance, or gain confidence, then this is the course for you! First released in 2016, this new revamped course delves deeper and includes extra tips including manifesting.


Please note this course is for personal use only as a basic guide and introduction to EFT/Tapping therapy. Should you have any emotions arise which you cannot understand while using this course, please contact myself or consult another practitioner in your area. This is effective if instructions are carried out in full.